Victoria has seen an incredible movement in the market over the past several years and an increased amount of development. As a split NIMBY/YIMBY community, project approvals faced many challenges when applying for rezoning in predominantly single-family, affluent neighbourhoods. Our team worked with several community and business groups in Oak Bay, Cordova Bay and Fort Street to assist with forums where residents could voice their support. With this support, an Oak Bay three-storey multiple dwelling use was successfully rezoned to a new comprehensive development including 49 units and approximately 7,700 square feet of commercial space.

More Projects.

Township of Langley

In early 2013 the Township of Langley faced an incredible real estate boom.


As Scott Road neared an incredible and substantial revitalization, nearby residents and businesses faced new challenges.

Vancouver (Chinatown)

After nearly a decade of little to no development, Chinatown started to see an increase in rezoning applications.